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Saturday, March 01, 2003:

Usually I don't have too much use for Ralph Lauren stuff, but I'm kind of digging this coat (you may have to hit the back button when you open the link--does anyone else hate the 'green thumb' thing that appears on shopping sites telling you you're saving the rain forest (yeah right) and messes up one's ability to link to pages?). BTW, new offer with bluefly: AFFILIATE15 takes 15% off (you must be signed in).
Steven Sherman // 9:09 PM


A bit less exciting than my finds at Yoox was a navy jersey polo shirt I picked up at Banana Republic for $20. Fortunately, I had $65 of store credit, so it didn't make my wallet much lighter at all.
Steven Sherman // 9:02 PM


So last night I snagged a dark grey plaid wool blazer from Mario Matteo for $78, and a Gigli brick red tweedy overcoat, also for $78, from Yoox. I always have a lot of reservations about snatching up bargains at the end of the winter season, since I live in a pretty warm area and winter is just about over. But that Gigli coat--you just don't find prices like that often! It almost makes me eager for next winter to arrive. The extra reductions really broke down my resistance. I'd link to them, but it looks like they were the last of each item. Hopefully they will fit--you never know with European companies.
Steven Sherman // 2:02 PM


Friday, February 28, 2003:

February purchases:

Yellow Marc Jacobs sneakers (Bluefly) $65

Khaki Moncler Jacket (Bluefly) $65 (returning it)

Diesel "Dragon" Shirt (Ebay) $10

Stretch Prada Shirt (EBay) $35 (will resell it)

Outdoor Terrier Striped Shirt (Urban Evolution) $30

Red DKNY Nylon Pants (Ebay) $20

Donna Karan New York Blazer (Ebay) $8

Kenneth Cole Stretch Shirt (Hechts) $25

Steve Madden Dress Shoes (Steve Madden) $40

DDC cotton pants (Daffy's) $30

Total for the month: $330 (minus approximately $100 of returns and resells)

Total I'm keeping: $230

A bit more than I'd hoped to, but at least we're noticeably slowing down. Plus there were several other returns this month: $100 at, assorted Bluefly returns. Almost as if I didn't spend anything.

Steven Sherman // 7:01 PM


Awesome new reductions at Yoox autumn-winter today. All sorts of really big designers--lots of pieces under 50 dollars. Go over there now while there is stuff left. My head is going to explode! Of course I bought some stuff, but I'll post about it tomorrow, since I'd feel guilty adding it to my February totals.
Steven Sherman // 5:04 PM


Should clothes SAY things? Two items today brought this question to my attention: Caprice's 'I Love Cocaine' skirt (scroll down), and this shirt on EBay by W & L T, which actually talks!
Steven Sherman // 3:59 PM


Wednesday, February 26, 2003:

Shop tart at Hintmag is my favorite shopping guide. This week they have anime handbags by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, cool beach shoes by Helmut Lang, and a more-unusual-than-it-sounds take on hippie chic by Christian Wijnants.
Steven Sherman // 8:17 PM


Tuesday, February 25, 2003:

This is weird: in the midst of a New York Times article about how Asian stuff is the big trend for Spring (the 'timeless Asian style', btw, not Anime stuff), is a big ad for Neiman Marcus declaring: trend: Asian. Maybe not so weird.
Steven Sherman // 10:54 AM


Monday, February 24, 2003:

Big up to reader John Bunbury for turning me on to This site rocks. Tons of great designers, many quite obscure (how often do you see stuff from Ann Demeulmeester or Fake London?). Good prices, too, especially on the winter stuff that's on sale. Return policy isn't great ($8 charge per item), but it does cost money for sites to process returns. Some of the sales prices are so low it'd be tempting to just put the stuff up for sale on Ebay. And they offer the back view of items (Bluefly, time to catch up). And they sell to a lot of countries, fortunately including the US.
Steven Sherman // 4:25 PM


Item: Eminem is launching a clothing line. Yep, that's a man who I'd like to emulate sartorially.
Steven Sherman // 4:21 PM


Sunday, February 23, 2003:

Daffy's has to be the most underrated store in the US. Its practically the only place where the prices compete with what you'd pay on Ebay (and the return policy is good, the dressing rooms passable). Loads and loads of trendy stuff reduced %70 or more. It usually doesn't have too many big names, but when I was there this weekend they had plenty of Iceberg (actually, they often do) as well as scattered pieces from Moschino jeans. Furthermore, they had a substantial selection from DDClab, a very up-and-coming label that I've never seen before outside of New York. Very cool stuff, not overdone, although the shirts cut a little small for my taste (and love handles). Long story short--I picked up a pair of tannish, linen-feeling cotton pants from DDClab for $30 (reduced from $150).

This weekend I also once again saw the complexities of shopping with people. I tend to give shopping companions veto power, and now I'm wondering--was that logo on the Diesel zip-front sweatshirt on sale at Bloomingdales really too big? At the same time, its always useful to get people's input, so long as you respect their taste.

I picked up a pair of Steve Madden black dress shoes with cute topstiching for $40. Terrible service at their store (a mall store, not an outlet) but the hordes of kids didn't seem to mind.

H&M is opening March 21 at Potomac Mills. Mark your calendar. This is a great place--one of the only places (actually, I think the only one) that I wouldn't hesitate to pay full price.
Steven Sherman // 6:14 PM


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