Notes of a shopaholic

Friday, January 10, 2003:

Embarrassed to admit it, but I snagged a cute woven shirt at Express for$25, then a wool blend hat at Banana Republic, for $20 this afternoon. Anyway, I'm going to return the Diesel jacket--I love their post-apocalyptic, dirtied up look, but on this particular jacket it looks forced.
Steven Sherman // 2:10 PM


Nipple scarfs (apparently big in Japan) definitely don't have the blandness problem I was noting regarding Banana Republic yesterday.
Steven Sherman // 6:50 AM


Thursday, January 09, 2003:

Our great Ebay selloff has begun. This week's items, three American classics: A lime green Donna Karan zip jacket, A Calvin Klein linen blazer, and a stretch jean jacket from Banana Republic.
Steven Sherman // 7:57 PM


So.. After a disastrous fall season in which the complaint was that the stores are selling too much bland, samey-same merchandise, what does Banana Republic offer us for spring? A classic trenchcoat. Lightweight wool pants. A pinstripe suit... Could you be any blander?
Steven Sherman // 12:17 PM


Sales happen only twice a year in France and other European countries. Its the law.
Steven Sherman // 5:22 AM


Wednesday, January 08, 2003:

Tonight's a first: my first e-bay clothing purchase. Diesel velvet striped pants. Did the Buy it Now thing for $40. Hope it goes smoothly, and I hope I like them cause there's no return. Guess I'd just have to put them back up for sale on Ebay if I don't!
Steven Sherman // 6:57 PM


Is that a gun in your purse or are you just being a fashion victim?
Steven Sherman // 10:15 AM


Tuesday, January 07, 2003:

According to the New York Times, a 'retro' shopping mall in Tokyo evoking the 50s and 60s is hugely popular. They should try that in the US. Would have to be better than what we've got now.
Steven Sherman // 8:24 PM


Since I'm going to return the Kenneth Cole jacket, and the jeans (not a very exciting fit on their jeans), I went over to Bluefly, where I found a Diesel Jacket (gray, cotton, faded, blazer cut, snaps) had been returned to their clearance rack. I promptly nabbed it for $80.
Steven Sherman // 11:43 AM


My purchase from finally arrived, with a fresh problem for online merchandise. One of the items has a shoplifting tag still attached! Since I don't live near a Kenneth Cole store, I'd have to go to some store like Banana Republic, and explain to them, not at all suspiciously, that I want them to remove this tag... But I don't think I like the fit, so I might just return it.
Steven Sherman // 10:31 AM


Guy Trebay today cites Michelle Lee's new book, "Fashion Victim: Our Love-Hate Relationship with Dressing, Shopping and the Cost of Style," for the info that 75% of men in the US own a pair of Dockers. Can't say I'm surprised... Full article (which is about the significance of fashion extremism)
Steven Sherman // 8:52 AM


Monday, January 06, 2003:

This is cool. $145 not a bad 'buy it now' price.
Steven Sherman // 5:56 PM


The Bluefly sale doesn't offer that many bargains if you've been keeping up with their various offers. And the men's is pretty heavy on the size XL stuff (more on the women's side, of course). But if you must, don't forget TAKE15OFF at clearance gives you a 15% discount.

Urban evolution has reduced some of their hip stuff.
Steven Sherman // 3:58 PM


Stopped by Banana Republic and couldn't resist a desert suede belt for $10. According to a card in the mail, Bluefly has a sale starting January 8, but there is a preview starting today for e-mail members (you can probably find the stuff on sale anyway).
Steven Sherman // 2:55 PM


Stuff you don't see on Ebay everyday: Antique boots from 1915.

Lily Pulitzer jacket
Steven Sherman // 6:49 AM


Sunday, January 05, 2003:

Good buys: Mui Mui organdy dress at Bluefly (women's clearance, dresses if link doesn't work) for $44.99

Riding boots at Banana Republic for $59.

Whipstitch Leather bag, $48 at Armani Exchange Under Men's sale, accessories

Steven Sherman // 7:02 PM


What's a Japander? Thanks to Gawker for that one.
Steven Sherman // 7:46 AM


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