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Saturday, January 04, 2003:

Since the Hives appeared on the scene, I've been wondering where to find ascots. Forzieri claims to be the best site for Italian accessories on the web.
Steven Sherman // 5:20 AM


From today's Times: "Many pollsters and analysts blame the recent holiday retailing debacle — one of the most disappointing seasons in at least 10 years — on the inability of merchants to set themselves apart from their competition and generate enough excitement to make customers leave their houses and spend."

Not mentioned: the complete lack of choice for fashionable men at most stores.
Full article.

Steven Sherman // 5:05 AM


Friday, January 03, 2003:

According to Lucky's poll, their average reader owns 11 pairs of jeans. This just shows the difference between men and women. I sometimes wonder if I'm insane because I own... 7 pairs.
Steven Sherman // 9:06 PM


Steve Madden shoes, at least the Camper imitations, are a little too overexposed, but you gotta admire their multiple viewpoints flash animation display of their items. Other sites, time to catch up!
Steven Sherman // 8:39 PM


In their shopping suggestions for meditation (didn't really know it was necessary to shop for it, but anyway...) the New York Times includes a $350 bag for your sticky mat designed by Marc Jacobs and the 'yogi and model' Christy Turlington.
Steven Sherman // 5:17 PM


Shop Tart at Hint Magazine describes a new menswear line, Cloak, that "samples the louche style of French crooner Serge Gainsbourg (think unbuttoned-down shirts and lean, rumpled trousers). Founders Robert Geller and Alexandre Plokhov remix cool but classic cuts, and avoid taking their tailoring skills into over-the-top avant-garde territory." Here's hoping its not too incredibly expensive.
Steven Sherman // 12:57 PM


Thursday, January 02, 2003:

If you have a pair of buckleback Levis from the 30s, you might want to sell them on Ebay. They seem to fetch quite a handsome price.
Steven Sherman // 10:34 AM


Wednesday, January 01, 2003:

Clothing purchases in December after I started this blog:

Etro Pants 63.99 (order cancelled by Bluefly).
Banana Republic Charcoal wool zip-cardigan $30 (original retail $98) (mall).
Banana Republic Green hat $14 (original price $38) (mall).
DKNY Khaki stretch cords $42 (original price $88) (local boutique).
Hugo Boss Denim blazer $66 (original price $600) (bluefly)
Kenneth Cole Jeans, Moleskin Pants, black denim blazer $142 (original price approx. $280)(
Kenneth Cole funky knit striped shirt $42 (original price $69)(Nordstroms)
leather/acrylic vintage sweater jacket $15 (EBay).
JCrew desert suede oxfords $40 (original price $120?) (mall).

So not counting the cancelled Bluefly order, the tab comes to $391. Ouch!!! Next month will definitely have to be slower. Maybe we'll return something from the Kenneth Cole order, which still has not arrived although they e-mailed me a week ago that they were sending it off. And that 391 dollars was a lot of stuff--1 pair of shoes, 1 sweater, 2 blazers, 1 shirt, 1 hat, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of pants...
Maybe we can make some of it back on my EBay sales, which should begin tonight.

Steven Sherman // 11:36 AM


Just returned from a little trip to Asheville NC. If you've never been, consider going now. At this point its very beautiful and unspoiled--practically no chains to speak of in its downtown, which must have about fifteen blocks worth of walking terrain, almost unheard south of the Mason-Dixon line (excluding the French Quarter in New Orleans and South Beach). Loads and loads of really high quality artsy-craftsy stuff. I was so excited that I nearly forgot about shopping for clothes for a couple of days. Purchased a wavy hand-made glass bowl for 27$. Its one of the first 'objets d'art' I've ever purchased. I usually just pile books on my shelves and junk mail on my coffee table but I think this will look nice.
Steven Sherman // 11:20 AM


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